Private Planet

Private Planet provides personal cloud computing platforms, enabling mobile / telecom operators to provide an operator-branded personal cloud platform and mobile device software to their subscribers.

Private Planet has recently introduced their new personal cloud computing platform and personal productivity service suite. Cloud-assisted services have been developed for iPhone, Blackberry, MeeGo and other device platforms, enabling services such as cloud-assisted printing from iPhone and BlackBerry, cloud-assisted data manipulation, remote PC disk browsing and PIM service synchronisation.

Private Planet products include cloud-based personal data storage, cloud-based communications and cloud-based applications running in an open personal server environment. Private Planet offers device software support for iPhone, Mac OSX, Symbian, Windows, Linux, BlackBerry, Android and Meego delivering personal cloud-assisted and cloud-hosted services. Private Planet assisted computing creates an environment for the end user that enhances their digital content and service experience and creates a "digital centre" for the subscriber - hosted by the operator. The architecture allows users to share their content in a peer-to-peer-fashion with other users 24/7 from their cloud computers. Private Planet is headquartered in London, UK.

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