Privacy and sharing of data

As we have said before, placing your data or files on popular Web sites often involves sacrificing or sharing rights to your information, and has implications on the privacy of your information. Sometimes even with you losing control of your information.

The files that you store on your Private PlanetTM server are not accessible by others, unless you want to specifically allow this. In this case you can give the permission to specific files that you store on your Planet server. Should you wish to offer your documents to other Internet users, you will even be able to charge for them and create your own digital storefront available from your Planet server.


Your computers and mobile devices communicate securely with your Planet server by encrypting the data before it travels via the Internet. Unlike standard e-mail traffic, the data cannot be seen by other as it travels around the Web.

Today there is a digital side to everybody – the 'digital you'. So many things in our lives are now digital (messages, email, documents, photos, videos, computer applications) that we need a way of managing our digital assets and services in a more organised way. Private PlanetTM aims to do just that. It provides you with your own secure digital platform in the Internet Cloud – your own personal server.

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