With Private PlanetTM, you can create and manage private on-line communities that are hosted on your own Planet server. Private PlanetTM provides a set of tools that allow you to easily create and manage on-line communities for different uses:

Family communities – that are managed by adult members of the family where you can securely share family photos, videos and family information. All of the shared data is hosted on your Private PlanetTM personal server and does not leave your family's ownership. Family communities are safe and secure - only invited individuals can join and participate in the family community. All communications within the community is also encrypted and much more secure compared to email.

Groups of friends – specific groups of friends with common interests where friends can securely share information, photos, videos and applications.

Clubs and interest groups – these communities allow you to run small interest groups or clubs online. Communities can be open or closed to new members joining, allowing others to join by invitation only or by just opting to join.

Child care – child-focused communities that include teachers and child minders as well as family members that are looking after a child. Childcare communities allow communication between all members in the child care community securely. Service can include secure location of the whereabouts of the child.

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