Private PlanetTM allows you to connect your devices together, so that they know about each other's existence. We call this feature device to device or D2D.

Whether you are using a laptop or desktop computer, PDA or mobile, your devices connect to your Planet and keep a connection open to the Planet whenever they are on and have access to the Internet. If more than one device is connected to your Planet server, they find out which other devices are also connected to your Planet. Your devices use your Private PlanetTM as a channel to communicate between themselves.

Private PlanetTM services are designed to be able connect your devices so if you want to move files or copy and paste data between them, it is very easy. Services are designed so that if you have responded to various software application messages on one device, you will not be bothered by the same message on another device. It is also possible to control one device from another one. So, for example, it is easy to use a mobile phone as a remote control for your laptop or desktop PC. Likewise, it is easy to start a call on your phone from your PC or Mac. D2D is a very exciting feature of Private PlanetTM technology and more and more apps will be using D2D in the near future.

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