Whether you have digital photos, music, videos or computer documents it is difficult to keep your digital files in one place. One reason for this is that you often use documents in different locations, such as your home or your workplace. Sometimes you also use or create information on the move, for example when you take a photo with your mobile phone or digital camera. The Private PlanetTM server is a place where you can store all of your digital 'stuff' without worrying who has access to it. Your Planet server is yours and your data is held securely and remains private.

You can access any digital file that is stored on your Planet server from any of your Internet and Private PlanetTM-enabled devices, including music, pictures, videos or documents. It's a simple one-click action to upload or download any file – anytime, anywhere, any device.

For entertainment content, your desktops, laptops, netbooks and mobile phones can now all have access to the same digital media files stored on your Planet server and can play the same music and videos wherever you are.

Your Private PlanetTM server is THE place to keep all you digital files and is destined to become the centre of your digital universe.

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