Many well-known Web sites and Internet services offer to host your information online, in effect placing your data, digital conversations, pictures and videos onto their servers. It is often complicated to manage your data that is scattered over many Web sites. Placing your data on popular Web sites also involves sacrificing or sharing rights to your information, with implications on the privacy of your information and sometimes even losing control of your content or data.

You can now own your own Internet Cloud computer – your own Private PlanetTM personal server! It will be physically located in an Internet-connected data centre that will host it for you. You can even choose from a list of Private PlanetTM approved hosting partners. We have built your Private PlanetTM personal server so it is easy to use, easy to manage and easy to configure. You do not need to be a computer scientist or programmer to use it. You can access your Planet directly from your PC, Mac, Linux computer or even a mobile phone *.

Soon you will be able to connect other devices to your Planet, such as TV set-top boxes. Your Planet Internet Cloud computer can be automatically backed up, to reduce the risk of losing your data. Some of our server hosting partners offer a free basic service*. Obviously, the cost of your Planet server will depend on the data services, data communications and amount of data storage that you are using.

* Terms and conditions may apply. Symbian (Nokia, Sony Ericsson), Blackberry and iPhone versions subject to access software becoming available.

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