With the silicon chip revolution of the 1960s, the advent of the personal computer in the 1980s and the mobile phone and Internet revolutions in the 1990s, we have reached the 21st century with everyday people constantly using the Internet and Internet-enabled devices.

People now depend on their mobile phones, laptops, desktops, TV set-top boxes and PDAs for their daily communication, business and private affairs and entertainment. A typical person spends over an hour a day online. In fact, the Internet revolution happened so fast that we are still struggling to understand all the implications of this new medium. It has already transformed communications, print media and television companies and has drastically changed the way we communicate both in enterprises and as private individuals.

Today, the Internet Cloud, that is, the computing infrastructure and services offered through data centres that are outside enterprises and homes, offers a wide variety of hosted solutions and services. However, what it currently lacks is a platform that will empower the individual to intelligently gather data, services and content. Private PlanetTM is committed to building just such personal platforms for the Internet Cloud. We call such systems Private Planet® personal cloud computers.

Today there is a digital side to everybody – the 'digital you'. So many things in our lives are now digital (messages, email, documents, photos, videos, computer applications) that we need a way of managing our digital assets and services in a more organised way. Private PlanetTM aims to do just that. It provides you with your own secure digital platform in the Internet Cloud – your own personal server.

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