PC Products

Private Planet offers device software support for Windows, OSX and Linux Desktop PC platforms delivering personal cloud-assisted, cloud-hosted and multi-device (cloud-breaking) services.

Our PC desktop-based products are specifically designed as to maximize the usability of the Private Planet® Services Suite on each specific desktop platform.

The Private Planet PC application has Notes, Calendar and To-do list services that can present the mobile personal information on the user's PC desktop. Data is automatically synced both ways using the Private Planet personal cloud computer. Private Planet's Planet Chat service enables the user to send text chat messages to multiple users in a group, as well as chat using voice using Private Planet's new PushTalk™ push-to-talk service that works across many mobile and desktop platforms. Private Planet's Snypp™ global clipboard allows the user to easily cut and paste text or files between different computers and mobiles connected to the Private Planet personal cloud computer.

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