Mobile Device Products

Private Planet offers device software support for iPhone, Symbian, Linux, BlackBerry, Android and Meego mobile platforms delivering personal cloud-assisted and cloud-hosted services.

Our mobile software is specifically designed to maximize the usability of the Private Planet® Services Suite on each specific mobile platform. Integrating with native system application Private Planet® provides very tight integration between the mobile device and the user's Private Planet personal cloud computer.

Now, the user can easily connect to personal cloud disk storage from both their mobile devices and PCs, print files, emails, to-do lists and attachments directly from mobile devices to cloud-connected printers. Users can also browse files and folders of their desktop and laptop PCs, directly from their mobile devices that are connected via their Private Planet personal cloud computer - wherever they may be located. Users can upload files to their private and personal cloud disk storage and also download files from their cloud computer to their mobile phone. The Private Planet mobile application is fully integrated with standard mobile device-based applications and it synchronizes calendars, to-do lists, and notes with the cloud computer allowing access to and sharing of PIM data from other cloud-connected devices.

The Private Planet cloud computer turns the user's mobile phone and computer devices into a novel cloud-connected personal computing platform.

With Private Planet, the user is empowered with a personal computing continuum between PCs and mobile devices not generally experienced before now.

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