Personal Cloud Computers

The Private Planet personal cloud computer is a consumer cloud computing platform offered to customers by their telecom operators. The Private Planet personal cloud computer is destined to become the "digital centre" of the user – connecting him/her with all of their Internet-enabled computers, mobile and other devices as well as offering personal cloud storage and a platform where personal cloud software services execute.

Private Planet's vision is that every customer gets a personal cloud computer hosted by the telecom operator.

Private Planet Personal Cloud Computer offers cloud storage and cloud applications as well as connecting together multiple user devices such as PCs and mobile phones.

The Private Planet cloud computer turns the user's mobile phone and computer devices into a novel cloud-connected personal computing platform.

Sitting on top of standard server infrastructure or virtualized platform as a service (PaaS) offerings, the Private Planet Personal Cloud Computer systems offer a personal platform user-friendly layer that enables every user to have their own cloud system connected to end-user devices such as PCs, mobile phones and set-top boxes.

Private Planet products include cloud-based personal data storage, cloud-based communications and cloud-based applications running in an open personal server environment. Private Planet offers device software support for iPhone, Mac OSX, Symbian, Windows, Linux, BlackBerry, Android and Meego delivering personal cloud-assisted and cloud-hosted services. Private Planet assisted computing creates an environment for the end user that enhances their digital content and service experience and creates a "digital centre" for the subscriber - hosted by the operator. The architecture allows users to share their content in a peer-to-peer-fashion with other users 24/7 from their cloud computers.

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